Plump Lips

Plump lips is our ultimate deep hydration lip treatment. Through a deep exfoliation we eliminate some of the dry, flaking skin that build up over time and immediately apply hyaluronic acid as well as a blend of vitamins, helping restore some shine, softness and smoothness skin.

It doesn’t affect your natural lip color/shape and we recommend 3 sessions with a 1-month gap between procedures, but you can still see amazing results after 1 session.

Some of the main culprits of dry lips are:

  • Sun exposure
  • Excessive lip licking
  • Dry/cold weather

Plump lip is an amazing way to keep your lips hydrated all throughout summer.

  • Plump Lips | 30 Minutes $110
Grow up

Grow up is our newest technique that consists of stimulating brow hair growth and strength. It can be done before the brow design, before the cosmetic tattooing or as a single treatment.

Men and women can get this treatment. We apply a deep application of serum and vitamines into your eyebrows, beard or scalp, which nourishes the area. ​

Our newest treatment consists of:

  • Deep application of serum and vitamins through microneedles that nourish the area treated
  • Stimulating hair growth, strength and thickness
  • It works for Eyebrow, Man Beard and Scalp
  • It can be done before the Brow Design, before the Cosmetic Tattooing or as a single treatment

We recommend at least three sessions per area.

  • GROW UP | Eyebrows | 30 Minutes $110

    Helps hair growth & thickness.

  • GROW UP Package | Eyebrows | 3 x 30 Minutes $300

    3 treatments included.

  • GROW UP | Beard | 30 Minutes $200

    Helps hair growth & thickness.

  • GROW UP Package | Beard | 3 x 30 Minutes $570

    3 treatments included.

  • GROW UP | Scalp | Consultation Required | 30 Minutes From $290

    Helps hair growth & thickness.

  • GROW UP Package | Scalp | 3 x 30 Minutes From $840

    3 treatments included.

Appointment etiquette

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We kindly ask that you limit the use of your phone and other electronic devices during your service.

We are here to pamper you and appreciate you making other arrangements for your children while you are in our care.

Thank you!