cosmetic tattooing faqs

​In cosmetic tattooing we use what is called a pigment, not ink. The difference is a pigment will naturally break down and fade over the space of 18 months to 2 years, as opposed to ink which is permanent and as it fades, leaves a greenish colour to the skin.

It is important to understand that everyone has different pain thresholds. Therefore you may, or may not, experience sensitivity throughout the procedure. A topical anaesthetic is applied before the treatment as well as throughout the procedure. Your comfort is always our priority. 

A full consultation takes place before each procedure whilst numbing the area being treated using a topical anaesthetic. The consultation and procedure take approximately 2 hours.

A touch-up appointment is made 4-6 weeks after your first procedure. During the healing process it is common for your cosmetic tattoo to fade up to 40%. It is also common for ‘flaking’ or dry patches to occur. It is important we refine the tattoo to ensure a finished result.

​Yes, Feather Touch brows is a two-part procedure.  It is not considered finished until you have attended your second appointment.

This depends mainly on two factors. Your skin type and lifestyle. 

Skin type – If you are someone who has an oily skin type the pigment may fade more quickly than someone with a normal skin type. 

Lifestyles – If you are someone who enjoys outdoor activities, including the water sports and sun exposure, this will fade your cosmetic tattoo more quickly. The pigment used is not permanent, which means it is affected by its environment.

On average your cosmetic tattoo will last for approximately 18 months to 2 years, depending on the above information.

Your first touch-up is the most important and is the second appointment to this two part process. The next touch up booking is totally up to you. Most clients book their touch ups when they would like to add colour/definition or thickness. It is quite common to have a touch-up once every six months but again it is completely up to the individual. 

Drawing on a shape to best compliment you
– Choosing a colour 
– Going through ‘what to expect’
– Proper aftercare 
– Booking your first touch-up appointment 

A preparation SMS message will be sent to you before attending your appointment.  Please read this information thoroughly, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions regarding the details.

Correct aftercare is essential to your healing process. A PDF will be provided along with your aftercare instructions.

You may experience the below symptoms for the following 3 days after your treatment;
• Minor swelling
• Itchiness
• Dryness or flaking
• Minor tenderness
• Colour will appear 30% darker (for first 3 days)
These symptoms are all-normal and will subside after 3-4 days.
To ensure the best results is recommended to avoid some steps the following week after your treatment (7 days).
This includes: pool, spa, sauna, and excess sweating from the gym.

It is advised that you keep your brows out of direct sunlight for the first week and apply sunscreen when possible in future.

We cannot proceed with the treatment if the below applies to the individual.
As a precaution or by effecting the results;

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding 
  • Blood thinning medication 
  • Regular smokers
  • Epilepsy

Please note . . .

  • If you have recently had Botox please wait at least four weeks after your treatment to book Feather Touch brows.
  • As a precaution, we ask that you don’t bring children to your appointment. It is important for the artist to have full concentration to ensure the best results.
  • If you have had previous brow work and require re-work, please send a picture of your brows (in natural lighting) before booking your appointment.
  • The area may need to have laser removal before another treatment can be provided if the brows are too dark or thick.
  • You must be 18 years or over to have a cosmetic tattoo.
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Appointment etiquette

Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate late arrivals. We’ll do our best to accommodate our clients, where possible, or offer the next available appointment time. If you are driving, please allow more than adequate time for traffic and parking.

We kindly ask that you limit the use of your phone and other electronic devices during your service.

We are here to pamper you and appreciate you making other arrangements for your children while you are in our care.

Thank you!